Beijing Motech Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech entity mainly providing application software development services and technological solutions to mobile telecommunications operators, mobile terminal equipment manufacturers and mobile terminal equipment users. Motech is capable of developing tailor-made solutions in line with varying requirements from its clients to meet the rapid development and application demand in the wireless networking sector.

Currently, Motech's primary operation is to transplant and develop embedded platform applications, being successful in deploying the Word Cool on embedded platforms such as Symbian, Linux, Palm, Windows CE, Smartphone, and Hopen. Together with globally renowned mobile terminal equipment manufacturers such as Motorola and HP, the company has completed a series of development and collaborative projects in mobile translation, multimedia application and localization based on their respective platforms. The past four years has seen us becoming a well-experienced developer of embedded platforms and projects. The company also boasts an elite team for embedded development, and a good number of project managers with many years of practice in project management, skillful senior development engineers and a test group consisting of staff each with over two years of work experience.

Motech's commitment is to focus its resources on the development and promotion of applications for mobile communications, and provide professional solutions and technical services to industrial clients.

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