It provides an English-Chinese, Chinese-English two-way dictionary. For each entry in the English-Chinese section, the part of speech, detailed explanation, DK and KK phonetic symbols, antonyms and synonyms, irregular paradigm (plural form, past tense, past participle, comparative degree and superlative degree) are provided to meet varying demands for English language learning. For each entry in the Chinese-English section, detailed explanation in English is also provided for word query.

Note: The software, which supports both traditional and simplified Chinese, is available in Taiwan Province, Singapore and Hong Kong SAR.

Written in ANSI C language, the dictionary engine fits all platforms including Symbian, Palm, Linux, Pocket PC and Smart phone without any need for a system call, as long as a particular platform provides C language translator-editor. It can cope with disparities among different CPU types, e.g. Big Endian versus Little Endian, and handle byte alignment. It also provides detailed dictionary engine API files and example citing programs (source code included). Given mobile phone development SDKs from client manufacturers, we are able to quickly integrate the interface and the engine and create a ready dictionary application.

Product Capability: The dictionary engine works smoothly on a CPU at clock frequency of 10 MHz or higher, responding in less than 0.1 seconds with no more than 30 KB memory occupation. It supports 31 terminological dictionaries.

Spelling Check: This function is able to restore a word to the common form (from its plural form, past tense, past participle, comparative degree or superlative degree), and to correct spelling errors such as extra letters, missing letters, misused letters, providing up to three closest alternative words for you to choose from.

Vocabulary Building:
This function has been added to your dictionary, with which you may choose to display an English word, its Chinese meaning, or both, and set a pace for words to rotate on screen.

Voice Pronunciation:
Voice data consume less than 1 MB memory space (around 70,000 single words) with 16-k voice sampling integrated in WAV format. The dictionary engine is not able to generate voice signals without these voice data.

Themes of Terminological Word Pools:
Telecommunications, motion pictures, law, environment, economics and trade, computer science, military, travel, neology, business, biology, petroleum, computer network, psychology, mobile, medicine and warfare.


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