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With users' increasing demand for dictionaries, a built-in dictionary is becoming a standard component in a mobile phone.

This solution has the following key functions:
1) English-Chinese and Chinese-English two-way word query: 150,000 entries to satisfy most users' learning demand;
2) Vocabulary Building: Student users may freely select word pools for senior high school, CET-4, CET-6, GRE, GMAT, IETLS or TOEFL; users may also define a range of words for memorizing; system automatically recording the words memorized;
3) Single Word Voice Pronunciation: With voice synthesis technology, the system can pronounce designated words;
4) Theme Terminological Pool: Users may add new entries to 22 theme terminological word pools such as telecommunications, military, medicine, etc.;
5) Vocabulary Building Games: Users may build up their vocabulary through games that improve memorization by combining entertainment and learning;
Currently, the platforms supported include: Symbian, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Linux, Hopen and KJava.

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